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Work at NKC

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At NKC we have a broad range of jobs, and as an employee in the company you will also often assume responsibility for duties outside your area of expertise.

I’m responsible for running the management process in the factory as a whole and for working with new and existing customers. My third job is to work together with a subcontractor to look after IT operations in the company. This is just great for me, as I wouldn’t be happy just working in one area.

– Johan Carlson, factory manager


We do of course also have room for a number of specialists who have to go into the detail in areas where we want to develop and be the best. In our manufacturing, operators also have a broad area of activities as we try to encourage them to learn several jobs in order to minimise monotonous processes. After all, most want to improve and have the opportunity to develop their skills.

There is of course also an opportunity to become a specialist, as long as you have learned the basics first. It’s all about involvement and interest.

My name’s Tony Reitz, and I’ve been working in this factory since 1987. I work as a toolmaker in a workshop with press tools. Those of us working in the tool workshop have an extremely varied working day, as we weld, mill, polish and do a range of jobs on the workbench. I also work on testing tools and developing new products, assisted by designers, quality assurance staff and project managers. The reason I’ve stayed so long at the company is of course that I’ve had a good development and that I’m happy with both my job and my colleagues.

– Tony Reitz, tool maker

NKC is characterised by a high level of diversity among employees in the company. If you enjoy working in an international environment with people from many different parts of the world, NKC is the company for you.

Do you like diversity?

We have customers from all corners of the world and our owners are a family company from Japan. This means that if you work for us you must enjoy diversity. You must be able to deal with different cultures and utilise the creativity that diversity and variety provide.


Collective agreements

We have collective agreements with IF Metall and Unionen.






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