Quality- and environmental policy

Quality policy

NKC Manufacturing AB is the obvious partner for all manufacturing industrial companies in terms of manufacturing, development and expertise in cages and other advanced industrial products.

NKC Manufacturing Sweden AB strives to produce products and provide services that meet customer requirements and expectations.

This by creating a living quality system that is constantly evolving and improving. Through good working environment everyone in the company helps to continuously improve and develop our business.

Environmental policy

Top management shall establish the organization’s environmental policy and ensure that it is complied within the defined scope of the environmental management system.

NKC must, through awareness and consideration for it’s surroundings, employees and customers, work for an environmentally sustainable society. NKC shall work for this through the following commitments:

• The business must at least comply with current and applicable legislation or other commitments made by the company

• Through the employees ‘knowledge and awareness of the business’ environmental impact, resource consumption will be gradually streamlined and reduced both within the company and towards customers. We do this through a living environmental management system that is constantly being developed and improved

• The company’s products must have a low environmental impact with the possibility of reuse and recycling

• NKC shall strive to reduce the amount of hazardous waste produced and avoid unjustified use of chemicals

• Environmental impact must be considered in business decisions. In connection with procurement of subcontractors, environmentally certified or equivalent suppliers must be chosen in the first instance

• NKC must act as a role model in the industry in terms of environmental awareness and environmental impact

• Regular checks on compliance with this environmental policy must be made. The results must be measured and reported regularly to owners, employees, and authorities